New specification document for S-HTTP version 1.1

I've sent a copy to the Internet-Drafts editor, too late for folks at the
IETF meeting this week to get it this way. (I know, I should have gotten it
out earlier.)

While we're waiting for it to get into the drafts directory, you can get
the new spec from:

I'll also arrange for some printed copies to be available at the IETF meeting.

Major changes from the June draft:
        * Reorganized -- includes table of contents!
        * More motivational & supporting material; 38 versus 23 pages [sorry].
        * Changes to the protocol to support:
                Manually distributed symmetric keys (e.g., passwords)
                New mode for (non-signature) message authentication/integrity
                Unified key naming.


Received on Tuesday, 6 December 1994 00:54:45 UTC