Re: HTTP: T-T-T-Talking about MIME Generation

According to Henrik Frystyk Nielsen:
> The multithreaded feature in the Arena is a result of the new
> achitecture of the WWW Library of Common Code. It allows data-driven
> parsing or rendering as soon as data comes in on the network, and new
> requests to be issued at any time. So rendering GIFS before finishing
> the text is perfectly possible.

Sounds very nice! However, as as been pointed out several times, the
reason Netscape is popular is the *reverse*.  It can layout all the
text before rendering all the GIFS.  Presumably arena can do this too,
if it can get the information about GIF sizes.  But the ability to do
*that* is a function of the protocol and hence relevant to the topic
of this list.  :)

John Franks

Received on Saturday, 17 December 1994 09:22:34 UTC