Re: Comments on the HTTP/1.0 draft.

>> Um. Please define "canonical text form".
>I have already done so several times.  The canonical form for text is defined
>in RFC 1521 (which just cites 822, of course) as CRLF delimited for US-ASCII
>or ASCII-like things like 8859-1.  I do not know of a single Internet standard
>protocol that does not employ this representation; let me know if you know
>of one.

Our text, which art in transit,
Hallowed be thy representation,
Thy bytes arrive, in order derived,
>From earth, not the RFC's

Your "canonical" text representation does not work for at least half
the world's languages, and for more than half of the world's
population. DOn't you think it's somewhat "inconsiderate" to force
these people to use non-standard kludges because people 10 years ago
had no idea at all about language encodings?

Received on Thursday, 8 December 1994 09:23:52 UTC