Re: MIME and binary transport

On Fri, 16 Dec 1994, Jeffrey Mogul wrote:

> A little experiment should help shed some light on this.  On a reasonably
> fast machine (a DEC3000/600), I did (after first arranging for /vmunix
> to be in the filesystem cache):
>     % time wc /vmunix 
> 	 15102     97927   6351808 /vmunix
>     0.93u 0.14s 0:01 94% 0+1k 0+0io 15pf+0w
>     a% time ngrep /vmunix 
>     0.27u 0.19s 0:00 74% 0+1k 4+3io 47pf+0w
>     % 
> ngrep uses a modified Boyer-Moore algorithm.  Larry is right;

I'm sorry but I'm quite skeptical about your experimental design and
it's applicability to the HTTP context as well.  For starters finding
split points in an inbound byte stream is a different problem than
presented by a file full of bytes all present and waiting for processing.

Secondly, I am suspicious that there is a marked difference in the quality
of implementation of wc vs. ngrep interms of program organization.

Dave Morris

Received on Saturday, 17 December 1994 01:50:21 UTC