Re: HTTP: T-T-T-Talking about MIME Generation

According to Simon E Spero:
> The perceived performance of Netscape is merely a function of their
> rendering order. Netscape renders GIFS as they come in. THis is completely
> independent of the protocol. 

I think the perceived performance of Netscape is a function of doing
the layout and displaying the text *before* the images are downloaded.
This is not completely independent of the protocol.  It is also a function
of being able to jump to a new link before all the downloads are finished
(and hence abort all those downloads).

> The netscape approach of stealing other peoples bandwidth is
> ultimately a negative sum game. If more and more people start using
> this approach, not only will the netscape user not see any benefit,
> but *EVERYBODY* will lose as more and more bandwidth becomes lost to
> retransmission.
> If I wanted to get better performance by stealing bandwidth, I'd just
> write my own transport protocol.  Just run blast datagrams out as UDP
> as fast as your interface can handle it, and ack every single
> message. Hell, use a regenerative protocol and send everything
> multiple times. You'll clear every TCP user off the routers in your
> path and get the backbone for yourself. 

I was, by chance, just looking a Eric Bina's home page where he discusses
getting the FLAME OF THE MONTH award.  I fear Simon may be in the competition
this month.  I am not sure what he means by "stealing other people's 
bandwidth."  If I only use lynx and my viewing is slowed because I share the
bandwidth with people who have a lot of images, are they stealing my

John Franks

Received on Friday, 16 December 1994 14:07:15 UTC