Re: HTTP Caching Model?

In message <>, Ari Luotonen writes:
>> Why is that such a bad thing? The server can give a lot of information
>> about what's available by giving several URI: headers.
>Hmmm, I don't necessarily support this -- this wastes bandwidth.

I agree. But I didn't say the server should or must; just that it may.

The only thing that it _must_ do is issue _some_ URI: header with 
a vary parameter if it's got variants. That's enough to prevent
proxies from jumping to conclusions.

>Besides, the set of available versions may vary, so the proxy can
>never be sure if it has all the presentations/knowledge of them
>without going to the original server.

If the server gives an Expires: header, the proxy can conclude that
the variants are stable until then. Otherwise, the usual hueristics


for details.


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