WIT, Was: Comments please on agenda for HTTP working group BOF

I think that to get any further we have to divide up the topics. So far this
comes out as one thread. 

Can we try conversing in a psuedo WIT type manner and give semantic links 
instead of just re:?

To start off could we try 

Proposal:	Start new thread with some info
Agree:		Yup, proposal was good
Disagree:	" " Nope, it was not
Accept:		RFC or code writer has incorporated suggestion into code
Reject:		" " Idea is inappropriate or contradictory.
Was:		Spin off new topic from discussion

If none of the above fit just create a new one that seems best

One reason for this is that I want to have a go at reorganising this stuff in
a WIT style as the basis for a WIT design. Another is that after trying WIT 
the semantic links are quite usefull...

Received on Friday, 7 October 1994 18:07:46 UTC