At 6:18 PM 12/20/94, Jeffrey Mogul wrote:
>    I still think that it is better to keep the connection open for a small
>    amount of time as the server socket will go into TIME_WAIT state when
>    it is closed and then can't be reused before about 240 seconds
>    (recommended timeout accorsing to Simon)
>This not just Simon's recommendation.  This is a MUST (i.e., mandatory)
>requirement of RFC1122 (section
>And, to clarify: what cannot be reused is the memory allocated to the
>connection state record; all other resources are reusable.  However, in
>most BSD-based systems, this memory usage can be significant (one

Just a reminder. This issue only really applies to Unix implementations,
and not O/S2, VMS, Windows, Windows NT, Mac O/S, VM, or any other non-Unix
server and/or TCP/IP implementations not descended from the BSD network

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