Re: HTTP Caching Model?

> URI-header      =       "URI" ":" 1#( URI [";" vary] )
> vary            =       "vary" "=" <"> 1#vary-param <">
> vary-param      =       "type" / "language" / "version" / "encoding"
>                 /       extension-vary

The language parameter should not be part of the spec. This assumes
that a single document will contain a single language. In addition, I
tend to think that any information that is available in multiple
languages, will probably be stored as seperate files (or "documents"),
and hence, would have different URI's. I do not think decisions can
reasonably be made automatically at the protocol level. They are
rather, a navigational problem (and this might also be better handled
at the markup level via the LANG element).

Received on Thursday, 15 December 1994 04:33:45 UTC