Re: Two proposals for HTTP/2.0

> There's already a draft RFC for HTTP/1.0. Were you thinking of something
> beyond the current draft that's available from

There is no Internet Engineering Task Force 'RFC' for HTTP. There may
be a document that CERN put on the web that describes its use, but it
hasn't been published as an RFC.

You might want to check out RFC 1310, "The Internet Standards Process"
for more details.

I thought we were here (in html-wg, rather than on www-talk) for the
purpose of creating Internet Standards for HTTP.

If that isn't the purpose of this mailing list, would someone please
correct me? (and take me off the list; I'm on enough 'random chatter'
mailing lists, thank you).

Received on Thursday, 17 November 1994 14:51:15 UTC