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ANNOUNCE: Common Lisp Web Server (58.3a) John C. Mallery (Thursday, 29 February)

Demographic Data Collection (was Re: Automatic Entry and Forms) Brian Behlendorf (Wednesday, 28 February)

<OL>, stylesheets, HTML3, Netscape2.0 (fwd) MegaZone (Wednesday, 28 February)

<OL>, stylesheets, HTML3, Netscape2.0 Mirsad Todorovac (Tuesday, 27 February)

Message from WEBER at BCRVM1 BCRVM1@w3.org (Tuesday, 27 February)

Web Designers Needed! Gil Bresnick (Monday, 26 February)

<table ... and <body background ... ALASTAIR AITKEN CLMS (Monday, 26 February)

User Survey for WWW Information Providers -2- Antsje Lootsma (Monday, 26 February)

IEF Prof. Zicari (Saturday, 24 February)

Re: A Criticism of NS Frames [was: Strongly-Typed Hyperlinks] Guido van Rossum (Saturday, 24 February)

6th Int WWW Conference not yet announced Tim Berners-Lee (Saturday, 24 February)

HTTP-NG Client/Server Project Ashish Kolli (Friday, 23 February)

Upcoming Conference Susan Gauch (Friday, 23 February)

I-D ACTION:draft-robinson-www-interface-01.txt, .ps David Robinson (Thursday, 22 February)

Netscape secure newsgroups Brian Karlak (Wednesday, 21 February)

NCSA httpd question (fwd) Beth Frank (Wednesday, 21 February)

NCSA httpd question Jim Meritt (Wednesday, 21 February)

Accept-Encoding: header field Mirsad Todorovac (Wednesday, 21 February)

Announcement of Ingrid alpha software testing.... Paul Francis (Wednesday, 21 February)

searching for a Web editor ballonyi@irf.hu (Wednesday, 21 February)

HTTP-NG Server & Client Mechanisms Ashish Kolli (Wednesday, 21 February)

Internet Prof. Zicari (Sunday, 18 February)

Line Breaks for ALT=TEXT paciello@shane.enet.dec.com (Friday, 16 February)

Simple use of libwww? holmberg@frame.com (Friday, 16 February)

Help me, please ! Ivars Indulens (Saturday, 13 January)

WWW interface for HP OpenView Thomas Dick (Monday, 12 February)

CALL: Special Issue on Innovative Applications of WWW Brian Gaines (Saturday, 10 February)

Re: Apache and Verisign... sameer (Friday, 9 February)

User Survey for WWW Information Providers Antsje Lootsma (Friday, 9 February)

help me to find CARLOS CARVAJAL (Friday, 9 February)

information about book CARLOS CARVAJAL (Friday, 9 February)

help me (fwd) MegaZone (Thursday, 8 February)

help me CARLOS CARVAJAL (Thursday, 8 February)

Joint W3/OMG workshop Richard Mark Soley (Wednesday, 7 February)

New draft of PNG graphics format spec available Tom Lane (Saturday, 3 February)

<br> in <td> Chuck Foster (Thursday, 1 February)

Word to HTML Terence Yeung (Wednesday, 31 January)

Server API's vs. CGI dperraudin@arcadis.be (Wednesday, 31 January)

Word to HTML dperraudin@arcadis.be (Wednesday, 31 January)

Re: www-talk-d Digest V96 #13 OnSiteCPU@aol.com (Tuesday, 30 January)

HTTP parser Simon Watfa (Tuesday, 30 January)

Re: Ed Johnson (Monday, 29 January)

SERVER_PROTOCOL ? ( was Re: Microsoft IE ... ) Chris Kirby (Monday, 29 January)

Re: content negotiation by User-Agent Dave Kristol (Monday, 29 January)

MSIE crazy ? Fabien Petitcolas (Sunday, 28 January)

User-Agent (Was: Re: Microsoft IE ...) William F. Hammond (Saturday, 27 January)

Re: Microsoft IE -- it just gets better and better (fwd) Brian Behlendorf (Saturday, 27 January)

Speaking of servers with API's... Doug McKee (Saturday, 27 January)

Free SSL [was: need performance info (CGI/NT)] BearHeart / Bill Weinman (Saturday, 27 January)

Microsoft IE -- it just gets better and better M. Hedlund (Saturday, 27 January)

Word to html Anders Gunnare (Friday, 26 January)

The Web and the Wall Street Journal - Malicious Crap Ravi Kalakota (Friday, 26 January)

need performance info (CGI/NT) Gregory J. Woodhouse (Thursday, 25 January)

Yuri Rubinsky (1952-1996) murray@sq.com (Thursday, 25 January)

5th WWW Conference -Paris : REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN Gilles Missonnier (Wednesday, 24 January)

Authentication in HTTP 1.1 Peter J Churchyard (Wednesday, 24 January)

Yuri Rubinsky Died paciello@shane.enet.dec.com (Wednesday, 24 January)

CGI & Location David Robinson (Wednesday, 24 January)

Setting up PowerPoint as Helper application Sandi Newton (Tuesday, 23 January)

help me.. please CARLOS CARVAJAL (Monday, 22 January)

SMB Filesystem as standard URL? Kay Winkler (Friday, 19 January)

HTTP/1.1 Host request-header query Stewart Brodie (Thursday, 18 January)

Mosaic 2.0.0 and forms Sandi Newton (Thursday, 18 January)

WWW browsers for kiosks Sandi Newton (Thursday, 18 January)

New Internet OLE Controls mailing list (InetOLE) Lee Fisher (Wednesday, 17 January)

WWW caching info Martin Hamilton (Tuesday, 16 January)

Sample 1.1ish implementation - Free Download Spyglass Server Daniel DuBois (Tuesday, 16 January)

Re[2]: HTML 3.0 Standardization Cameron Conacher (Tuesday, 16 January)

out of office Jan 16-18 Joshy Joseph (Tuesday, 16 January)

URL Expansion proposal Israel del Rio (Tuesday, 16 January)

QUESTnet '96 Mike Whalen (Monday, 15 January)

It's the gnomes (Was: Re: URL Expansion proposal) William F. Hammond (Sunday, 14 January)

URL Expansion proposal Larry Masinter (Sunday, 14 January)

URL Expansion proposal Israel del Rio (Saturday, 13 January)

Augmenting HTTP to stop information leaks via local intermediaries John Ockerbloom (Friday, 12 January)

ANNOUNCEMENT of W3C Reference Library 4.0 Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (Friday, 12 January)

www rui joao costa cardoso (Thursday, 11 January)

www James Napp, Student England (Thursday, 11 January)

Re: Why no <IMG> inside <PRE>? Jay Sekora (Wednesday, 10 January)

Possible Hypermail problem and fix Martin Hamilton (Wednesday, 10 January)

Re: WWW-based Electronic Com Ron Wolf (Wednesday, 10 January)

WWW-based Electronic Commerce Ravi Kalakota (Wednesday, 10 January)

W3C Working Draft: HTML predefined icon-like symbols Karen MacArthur (Tuesday, 9 January)

Questions and comments Daris Howard (Friday, 5 January)

I-D ACTION:draft-robinson-www-interface-00.txt David Robinson (Monday, 8 January)

HTML variants and content negotiation Brian Behlendorf (Monday, 8 January)

Re: 3 Proposals: session ID, business-card auth, customer auth Vladimir Zelenyak (Sunday, 7 January)

rebuilding NCSA httpd Jim Meritt (Thursday, 4 January)

Phone # and Postal Code System Information David Koblas (Tuesday, 2 January)

announcing AgentNews mailing list Timothy Finin (Tuesday, 2 January)

Re: bug, or "feature"? Daniel W. Connolly (Monday, 1 January)

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