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Re: Setting up PowerPoint as Helper application

From: Howard Goldberg <hgoldber@nedhmail.nedh.harvard.edu>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 96 14:38:09 EST
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     Create a powerpoint mime type on your server so the server will tell 
     the browser that it is serving a document of type powerpoint (call it 
     something like application/powerpoint with ext .ppt).  Then configure 
     your browser to recognize the new mime type and execute powerpoint.
     Most administrators forget that you have to configure the server to 
     serve a specific kind of document.  Note that powerpoint isn't 
     recognized as an official mime type, so anyone who might be getting at 
     your documents from offsite needs to know the local mime type that 
     you've set up.

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Subject: Setting up PowerPoint as Helper application
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Subject:  Setting up PowerPoint as Helper application 
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Could someone tell me how to set up PowerPoint to 
automatically launch as a helper application for *.ppt 
files using Netscape?
Sandi Newton                    
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Dallas County Community College District
District Service Center
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