New Internet OLE Controls mailing list (InetOLE)

At the 4th Int'l WWW Conference last month, Briand Sanderson of NCSA
hosted a BOF session on "OLE Controls on the Web". A by-product of that
BOF was this new mailing list to further the discussions started at this
meeting, which NCSA has been kind enough to setup. The InetOLE mailing
list charter: for discussions on the development and use of OLE Controls
on the Internet (probably with an emphasis on use with the WWW protocols).

To subscribe to the Internet OLE mailing list, send e-email to: 

with either "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" on the Subject line (nothing in
the message body, no other commands except subscribe and unsubscribe).

To send messages to the mailing list, send e-mail to: 

There are a few web browsers today which already support the use of OLE

 - ExCITE's NCompass
 - NCSA Mosaic (soon)
 - Netscape Navigator 2.0 (via OLE Control-enabling Plug-Ins):
     NCompass' OLE Control Plug-In
     Open Power's OPenscape family of Plug-Ins
 - Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 (alpha build in Sweeper SDK)

For some additional information extending OLE Controls to work better on
the Internet, see the Internet Developer pages (especially the Sweeper
SDK) on As of this week, the COM spec
is now available on that site, in HTML format.

A few other URLs for OLE/COM information include:

Lee Fisher,, 1.206.936.8621

Received on Wednesday, 17 January 1996 12:28:56 UTC