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3 Proposals: session ID, business-card auth, customer auth

5th WWW Conference -Paris : REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN

6th Int WWW Conference not yet announced

<br> in <td>

<OL>, stylesheets, HTML3, Netscape2.0

<OL>, stylesheets, HTML3, Netscape2.0 (fwd)

<table ... and <body background ...

A Criticism of NS Frames [was: Strongly-Typed Hyperlinks]

Accept-Encoding: header field

ANNOUNCE: Common Lisp Web Server (58.3a)

Announcement of Ingrid alpha software testing....

ANNOUNCEMENT of W3C Reference Library 4.0

announcing AgentNews mailing list

apache and ssl/verisign

Apache and Verisign...

Augmenting HTTP to stop information leaks via local intermediaries

Authentication in HTTP 1.1

bug, or "feature"?

CALL: Special Issue on Innovative Applications of WWW

CGI & Location

Conditional HTML w/<INSERT> (was: Microsoft IE)

content negotiation by User-Agent

Demographic Data Collection (was Re: Automatic Entry and Forms)


Free SSL [was: need performance info (CGI/NT)]

help me

help me (fwd)

help me to find

Help me, please !

help me.. please

HTML 3.0 Standardization

HTML variants and content negotiation

HTTP parser

HTTP-NG Client/Server Project

HTTP-NG Server & Client Mechanisms

HTTP/1.1 Host request-header query

I-D ACTION:draft-robinson-www-interface-00.txt

I-D ACTION:draft-robinson-www-interface-01.txt, .ps


information about book


It's the gnomes (Was: Re: URL Expansion proposal)

Joint W3/OMG workshop

Line Breaks for ALT=TEXT

Message from WEBER at BCRVM1

Microsoft IE -- it just gets better and better

Microsoft IE -- it just gets better and better (fwd)

Mosaic 2.0.0 and forms

MSIE crazy ?

NCSA httpd question

NCSA httpd question (fwd)

need performance info (CGI/NT)

Netscape secure newsgroups

New draft of PNG graphics format spec available

New Internet OLE Controls mailing list (InetOLE)

out of office Jan 16-18

Phone # and Postal Code System Information

Possible Hypermail problem and fix

Questions and comments

QUESTnet '96

rebuilding NCSA httpd

Sample 1.1ish implementation - Free Download Spyglass Server

searching for a Web editor

Server API's vs. CGI

SERVER_PROTOCOL ? ( was Re: Microsoft IE ... )

Setting up PowerPoint as Helper application

Simple use of libwww?

SMB Filesystem as standard URL?

Speaking of servers with API's...

The Web and the Wall Street Journal - Malicious Crap

Upcoming Conference

URL Expansion proposal

User Survey for WWW Information Providers

User Survey for WWW Information Providers -2-

User-Agent (Was: Re: Microsoft IE ...)

W3C Working Draft: HTML predefined icon-like symbols

Web Designers Needed!

WET ICE Workshop Series

Why no <IMG> inside <PRE>?

Word to HTML


WWW browsers for kiosks

WWW caching info

WWW interface for HP OpenView

WWW-based Electronic Com

WWW-based Electronic Commerce

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