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WET ICE Workshop Series

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The 5th annual WET ICE workshop series is using a different approach
this year - and will be held in Stanford - there are seven parallel
workshops run by seven independant committees. This group may be
interested in a number of these workshops - including one on "Web
Infrastructures for Collaborative applications" and one on "Enterprise
Security."  URL pointers below.


- juggy



			      IEEE WET ICE '96

	"Collaborating on the Internet: The World-Wide Web and Beyond"

			      June 19-21, 1996
		Stanford University, Stanford, California, USA


    Sponsored by        In cooperation with     	Hosted by
_____________________	___________________	___________________________
IEEE Computer Society       ACM SIGOIS     	Center for Design Research,
	and		 (pending approval)       Stanford University
CERC, West Virginia U.

The Fifth Workshops on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for
Collaborative Enterprises (WET ICE '96) will consist of a series of
individual workshops running in parallel, each including paper
presentations and working group discussions.  In addition, there will
be joint plenary sessions with keynote addresses and a final joint
session to summarize each groups' findings.

The workshops will focus on infrastructural issues related to 
collaboration in diverse application domains, particularly technologies 
that utilize the Internet.  The workshops include: 

	Web Infrastructure for Collaborative Applications
	Project Coordination 
	Electronic Notebooks 
	Enterprise Security
	Shared Design and Prototyping Environments 
	Distance Learning
	Requirements Engineering

Further details about these workshops are available at the individual
workshop homepages, which are linked to the WET ICE '96 homepage

Papers accepted for the workshops, and which were peer-reviewed by a 
minimum of three people, will be included in the post-proceedings to be 
published by IEEE Computer Society Press. 

Papers should describe survey, original research, design and
development, and applications of enabling technologies for
collaboration.  Papers should be no more than six pages (including
figures, tables and references) and should follow the IEEE format,
which is single-spaced, two-columned, 10 pt Times/Roman font. Papers
should contain the full name, title, affiliation, postal address,
electronic address, and telephone/fax numbers of each author.  Papers
should be submitted as Unix-compatible Postscript files to the
organizer of the specific workshop of interest. Further instructions
for paper submission can be found on the individual workshop

Full papers due to workshop organizers		March 15, 1996
Notification of decisions to paper authors	April 19, 1996
Advance registration	 			May 17, 1996
Workshop					June 19-21, 1996
Final papers due				June 28, 1996

General Chair: Charles Petrie, Center for Design Research, Stanford 
Program Chair: Srinivas Kankanahalli, CERC, West Virginia University
Local Arrangements Chair: Vinay Kumar, M/Cast Communications, Inc.

Hussein Abdel-Wahab, Old Dominion Univ.
Takashi Arano, NTT Corp.
Chandrajit Bajaj, Purdue Univ.
Gene Bouchard, Lockheed Martin
John R. Callahan, West Virginia Univ.
Paolo Ciancarini, Univ. of Bologne
Prasun Dewan, Univ. of North Carolina - CH
Taher Elgamal, Netscape Comm. Corp.
Sumit Ghosh, Arizona State Univ.
K. Gopinath, Indian Institute of Science
Giuseppe Iazeolla, Univ. of Rome
V. Jagannathan, West Virginia Univ.
Srinivas Kankanahalli, West Virginia Univ.
Mark Klein, Pennsylvania State Univ.
Richard Kouzes, West Virginia Univ.
Robert Marcus, American Mgmt. Syst., Inc.
Feniosky Pena-Mora, MIT
Alexander Schill, Technical Univ. of Dresden
Richard Mark Soley, Object Mgmt. Group
P. David Stotts, Univ. of North Carolina -CH
C. E. Thomas, Oak Ridge National Lab.

Yayha Al-Salqan
John R. Callahan
Mary Carriger, Workshop Coordinator
K. Joseph Cleetus
Matthew Fuchs
V. Juggy Jagannathan
Raghu Karinthi
Ramana Reddy
Sumitra Reddy
Wu Wen

The WET ICE '95 proceedings includes one keynote speech, 23 scientific 
papers, and three working group reports on various technologies that 
enable collaboration. Abstracts are available on IEEE Computer Society's 
Web server 
(http://info.computer.org:80/conferen/proceed/wetice95/toc.htm). The 
proceedings can be ordered from the Computer Society Press by calling 
1-800-CS-BOOKS  (within the U.S.) or 1-714-821-8380 (outside the U.S.). 
Specify order #PR07019.

This announcement, and future information about WET ICE '96, can be 
accessed through:

	http://www.cerc.wvu.edu/WETICE/WETICE96.html ,
	ftp.cerc.wvu.edu under /announcements/ , and
	gopher.cerc.wvu.edu under /announcements/ .

Prof. Srinivas Kankanahalli
WET ICE Program Chair
Concurrent Engineering Research Center (CERC)
West Virginia University
886 Chestnut Ridge Rd., P.O. Box 6506
Morgantown, WV 26506
Tel:  1-304-293-7226, Fax: 1-304-293-7541
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