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help me (fwd)

From: MegaZone <megazone@livingston.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 1996 22:56:43 -0800 (PST)
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Once upon a time CARLOS CARVAJAL shaped the electrons to say...
>I need information and bibliography about Web ..


Hit this and spend some time looking around.

> - how  design home page for web

There are many books out on this subject.  If you can get it - HTML for
Dummies is a decent starter book.  I was far past it's level when it came
out, but I still find it useful for helping others and even as a quick
reference.  But the fastest way to learn that I found when I started was
'View Source'.  When you find a page that looks cool to you, look at how
they did it.  I don't encourage wholesale copying, but it can give you some
ideas.  My homepages are sadly in need of an update, but the pages I did for
work are recent.  <http://www.livingston.com/>  Poke around and if you
see something you can't sort of based on the source, send me a letter and
I'll explain it.  I haven't had time to run a checker on all of the pages,
but the ones I checked were ok and they're all fairly similar.

> - Guidelines for building web system

I'm not sure what you mean here - setting up a server?

> - tools for create web system

Pick an editor.  I do most of my HTML work in emacs.  I also have 
HotMetal PRO 2.0 on my PC and 1.0 on UNIX. (C'mon SoftQuad, that 2 week
backorder on 2.0 is like 3 months and running now...)  Since HTML is 
a markup language, you can use most any editor to do it.

> - How development multimedia system information (analysis and
>   design) or web system information

This is unclear too - it sounds like how do you develop content.  And
the answer to that is - there is no answer.  The content of your web is 
based on what you want it to do, the resources you have available, and
your skill set.

I'd like to do more on Livingston's Web but I'm limited by 2 major factors - 
I'm already working 80 hour weeks a lot and I'm weak with PERL.  The latter
is improving, the former I really hope improves...

If you get USEnet news, there are also several groups there.

Although I work for Livingston Enterprises Technical Support, I alone am
responsible for everything contained herein.  So don't waste my managers'
time bitching to them if you don't like something I've said.  Flame me.
Phone: 800-458-9966  support@livingston.com  <http://www.livingston.com/> 
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