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Re: HTML variants and content negotiation

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Date: 09 Jan 1996 07:48:00 +0200
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	nazgul@utopia.com  (Kee Hinckley) wrote:
	>If you combine this with the browser passing in  infor-
	>mation  then you could go either way.  You could have a
	>smart server  which  parses  the  information  and only
	>sends what is necessary, or you could have the  browser
	>do the parsing.

	>However,  and  this  could  be  a big "but", our server
	>extensions are outside of the language, thus allowing:

	>#if Tables
	>If you are doing  the  extensions within the context of
	>HTML parsing, that may not be a viable  structure.   So
	>at that point you  could  see  a 2-3x expansion in size
	>in some cases.

	FYI.  The server allowing such things is already  there.
	Have a look at http://spinner.infovav.se/.
	Besides  the fact, that it is one of the fastest servers
	I have ever seen,  it  implements a preparsing mechanism
	that allows fancy things (look for SPML - Spinner  Mark-
	up Language).
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