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RE: URL Expansion proposal

From: Paul <pwain@acorn.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 96 09:17:02 GMT
To: www-talk@w3.org
Message-Id: <30FA1B8E@pwain@acorn.co.uk>
Ryan Grant wrote:
> Anyone with Spry's Mosaic 95 can type "ibm" and see a web page.
> Note that for any given "foo", "foo" is not and never ever will be a valid
> url, so this implementation trick does not conflict with the standards (nor
> should it be one).

If we are talking of tricks to make life simple, why not consider one
that in at least one WWW browser I know of. If you enter just the
host name as the URL (i.e. www.acorn.co.uk) you get pushed to the
URL staring "http://" hostname "/" (i.e http://www.acorn.co.uk/ and it does
add the trailing slash :).

This shouldnt bastardise things too much, and is purely a UI issue at this
point then? It doesnt need a new protocol and works in 'most' cases.

One thing that didnt get picked up by the previous debate was that it does
not allow for URLs of the form:


i.e. including the port number? What does that become? IBMs server in 
Australia running on port 9999 becomes *IBM*au:8080? Why not just stick
with the URLs in the 1st place, they at least have some meaning after

(Not writing for Acorn, not working for ART).
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