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telcon times after Daylight starts Lofton Henderson (Saturday, 30 March)

Realigned Telcon Schedule Lofton Henderson (Friday, 29 March)

Comments on minuted from the F2F Dimitris Dimitriadis (Wednesday, 27 March)

My action item Dimitris Dimitriadis (Wednesday, 27 March)

Spec Guidelines: product classification and spec. modularity Andrew Thackrah (Monday, 25 March)

[DRAFT] 21-March-2002 QA Working Group Teleconference Karl Dubost (Thursday, 21 March)

realign telcon schedule? -- correction Lofton Henderson (Wednesday, 20 March)

realign telcon schedule? Lofton Henderson (Wednesday, 20 March)

Final Minutes, 20020314 Telephone conference Dimitris Dimitriadis (Wednesday, 20 March)

Final Minutes, 2002-03-08 Telephone Conference Jack Morrison (Tuesday, 19 March)

modularity in specifications Lynne Rosenthal (Monday, 18 March)

Thursday (3/21) telcon agenda Lofton Henderson (Friday, 15 March)

Revised Issues List Posted Lofton Henderson (Friday, 15 March)

Draft Minutes, 2002-03-14 Telephone Conference Dimitris Dimitriadis (Thursday, 14 March)

Using IRC during our teleconf Dominique Hazaël-Massieux (Thursday, 14 March)

Thursday (3/14) telcon agenda -- p.s. Lofton Henderson (Thursday, 14 March)

Operational Framewk: Checkpoint 5.1 Lynne Rosenthal (Thursday, 14 March)

Fwd: Early "requirements document" for UAAG 1.0 test suite Lofton Henderson (Thursday, 14 March)

Thursday (3/14) telcon agenda Lofton Henderson (Wednesday, 13 March)

All Framework Documents Posted Lofton Henderson (Wednesday, 13 March)

[Action Item - A-2001-11-12-3] QA Glossary Karl Dubost (Tuesday, 12 March)

WG-only drafts Lofton Henderson (Tuesday, 12 March)

Mark's comments on Checkpoint 1.1 Table David Marston/Cambridge/IBM (Monday, 11 March)

Checkpoint 1.1 Table Mark Skall (Monday, 11 March)

finished AIs Lofton Henderson (Friday, 8 March)

please report on AI status Lofton Henderson (Friday, 8 March)

Example and Process about Call For Participation Karl Dubost (Friday, 8 March)

[Action Item] A-2002-03-1-5 Matrix of Document Karl Dubost (Friday, 8 March)

pre-telcon comments Lofton Henderson (Friday, 8 March)

Wrong P&O documents posted! Lofton Henderson (Friday, 8 March)

[DRAFT] F2F QA meeting 1st March. Karl Dubost (Wednesday, 6 March)

Friday teleconference details -- p.s. Lofton Henderson (Wednesday, 6 March)

Friday teleconference details Lofton Henderson (Wednesday, 6 March)

changed telcon time Lofton Henderson (Monday, 4 March)

documents for Thursday Lofton Henderson (Sunday, 3 March)

RFC 2119 Susan Lesch (Sunday, 3 March)

Fwd: Thursday's 3/7 teleconf Lofton Henderson (Sunday, 3 March)

name change Lofton Henderson (Saturday, 2 March)

Spec Guidelines Daniel Dardailler (Friday, 1 March)

Re: Comment on Fmwk:P&O, guideline 4 Karl Dubost (Friday, 1 March)

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