Re: [DRAFT] F2F QA meeting 1st March.

Hi Karl,

MInutes look good, here are a few small changes:

"CSS was unaware of the QA activity."  Please change to "..unaware of QA 
resources like The Matrix."

Typo, change "FPWG" to "FPWD".

Typos, change "Rosenthalís" to "Rosenthal's", "Lynneís" to "Lynne's" (3 
times), and "Karillís" to "Kirill's" (seems to be a problem with "'" in 
this paragraph).

You ask:  (NOTE: Should I include the urls?, these sites seem public as 
will be the email... is that a concern? I
have the various uri's if they are required.)  I think "yes", unless 
someone objects due to "public" (I don't see any problem with that).

"a new page for WG members" -- should that be "new page for new WG members"?

That's all,

Received on Wednesday, 13 March 2002 13:59:40 UTC