Friday teleconference details

QAWG participants --

Here are the details about the Friday special teleconference.  If you can't 
make it, please send 'regrets', if you haven't already done so.


There is basically one topic:  Issue #55 [1] -- the priorities of the 
ProcOps checkpoints.  Note that the Issues List has not yet been updated 
since the face-to-face, but you shouldn't really need to refer to it anyway.

You will need to refer to the two current "Editors draft" versions of the 
ProcOps guidelines [2] and the checkpoints table [3].  Please read these 
over prior to Friday.  There are 27 checkpoints, and our ability to make 
significant progress will depend upon being familiar with the material at 
the start.

If any particular checkpoints are hot topics for you -- i.e., you are 
concerned about them in particular -- we might consider listing such at the 
beginning and dealing with them first, then sequentially address the 
rest.  This will ensure that we get to the ones that most concern 
participants.  You could also, of course, send email in advance.

At the start, I'd like to resolve also:  rename of ProcOps.  Two current 
choices are...

1.) QA Framework:  Operational Guidelines
2.) QA Framework:  Process Guidelines


>Day(s):  Friday
>Date(s):  8th March 2002
>Time: 2-3:30 EST
>Number of Participants:  15
>NAME of Teleconference:  QAWG

Zakim bridge:  +1-617-761-6200
Conference code : 7294 ("QAWG")



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