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At 10:22 +0100 2002-02-28, Karl Dubost wrote:
>QA Process/Staff.

>One of the major issue we have wrt to the allocation of staff in a 
>Working Group, is that the QA resources often come as a second step.
>It would be better if when the Team contact is writing the Activity 
>Proposal or he's writing the charter of the WG, that the resources 
>have to be allocated to the activity as a commitment like 

In the Process Document,

There's a place for QA here.

"A group may form task forces (composed of group participants) to 
carry out assignments for the group. The scope of these assignments 
must not exceed the scope of the group's charter. A group should 
document the process it uses to create task forces (e.g., each task 
force may have an informal "charter")."

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