Friday teleconference details -- p.s.

About pre-Friday preparation, I'd like to add one comment to what I said 

"[...]There is basically one topic:  Issue #55 [1] -- the priorities of the 
ProcOps checkpoints."

We had several issues about the statements and organization of the 
checkpoints themselves in the FPWD P&O text.  None of us had seen the new 
P&O text [2] before the f2f.  It is my recollection from the f2f that some 
of the checkpoint-content issues were "provisionally" closed -- i.e., 
without time to study in detail, the new text seemed okay to the issue 

Before Friday, I'd like people who had issues to verify that they are 
indeed resolved by the new P&O text.  Also, if you have new issues with the 
new Guideline/Checkpoint structuring, we need to address those -- it 
doesn't make sense to discuss all of the priorities if we haven't endorsed 
the checkpoints themselves!



Received on Wednesday, 6 March 2002 13:55:23 UTC