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[Action Item - A-2001-11-12-3] QA Glossary

[Action Item] A-2002-03-1-5 Matrix of Document

[DRAFT] 21-March-2002 QA Working Group Teleconference

[DRAFT] F2F QA meeting 1st March.

Action Item A-2002-03-1-6

All Framework Documents Posted

changed telcon time

Checkpoint 1.1 Table

Comment on Fmwk:P&O, guideline 4

Comments on minuted from the F2F

documents for Thursday

Draft Minutes, 2002-03-14 Telephone Conference

Example and Process about Call For Participation

Final Minutes, 2002-03-08 Telephone Conference

Final Minutes, 20020314 Telephone conference

finished AIs

Friday teleconference details

Friday teleconference details -- p.s.

Fwd: Early "requirements document" for UAAG 1.0 test suite

Fwd: Thursday's 3/7 teleconf

Mark's comments on Checkpoint 1.1 Table

modularity in specifications

My action item

name change

Operational Framewk: Checkpoint 5.1

please report on AI status

pre-telcon comments

realign telcon schedule?

realign telcon schedule? -- correction

Realigned Telcon Schedule

Revised Issues List Posted

RFC 2119

Spec Guidelines

Spec Guidelines: product classification and spec. modularity

telcon times after Daylight starts

Thursday (3/14) telcon agenda

Thursday (3/14) telcon agenda -- p.s.

Thursday (3/21) telcon agenda

Using IRC during our teleconf

WG-only drafts

Wrong P&O documents posted!

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