Re: Spec Guidelines: product classification and spec. modularity

On 2002.03.26 12:49 Lynne Rosenthal wrote:
> This brings up an important point - that is, as we write the Framework 
> documents, we need to be careful regarding the terminology we use and 
> that we explain/define the terms.
> Specifically, in the Spec guideline -  class of products' is used to 
> refer to the types of implementations of a specification (at the highest 
> level) --- in WebCGM this would be generators, the metafile, 
> interpreters; for the UAAG this would be user agents.

  I'm still not clear, from this definition, about how classification is 
  It seems that a spec author is being asked to categorise 'types' of 
  and then group these into classes.
  If I were a spec author how would I know how to go about creating types?


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