Re: please report on AI status

A-2002-03-1-6  - Not Done.
I started working on this yesterday. I should have something before the
next telcon (not today but in two weeks).


At 3:27 PM -0800 3/8/02, Lofton Henderson wrote:
>QAWG --
>I have been remiss, in not sending regular Action Item update messages.  If
>your name is in this message, please check the Action List at [1], and
>report if it is completed (or if it has otherwise changed status):
>Pre-f2f (dates before 1-march):
>Kirill, Daniel, Lofton, Lynne, Karl, Mark
>(We know some of these are done, but only the owner should say so and close
>f2f and after:
>Karl, Olivier, Lofton, Dimitris, Peter

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