Thursday (3/14) telcon agenda -- p.s.

(This is the same as the previous agenda, but I've added the hyperlink [3], 
to the mail thread on the checkpoint 1.1 table, which might come up in the 
Issue#55 processing. -LRH).

QAWG participants --

Please reply with "regrets", if you know that you can't make the 3/14 telcon.

Proposed telcon agenda:

1.) Roll call
2.) Any WG web site/logistical topics
3.) UAAG test suite discussion
4.) Framework document schedule
         - new parts and their progression
         - next publication date
5.) Continued issue#55 processing (per [1])
6.) Adjourn

Please request addition(s) if this overlooks something that you think we 
should discuss.

Note about #3.  We expect an attendee from UAAG.  They are working on their 
test suite requirements.  We will consider how we can help and liaise on 
the work.

Note about #4.  It is pretty clear to us editors that we won't publish the 
four in-progress framework parts in /TR/ on 1st April, as was 
planned.  Most sensible plan looks like:  another WG-only cycle in the week 
of 1st April, then /TR/ publication in late April.

For reference, all of the current WG-only Framework drafts can be found 
linked from [2].


>Day(s):  Thursday
>Date(s):  14th March 2002
>Time: 2-3:30 EST
>Number of Participants:  15
>NAME of Teleconference:  QAWG

Zakim bridge:  +1-617-761-6200
Conference code : 7294 ("QAWG")



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