Re: [DRAFT] 21-March-2002 QA Working Group Teleconference

Karl, thanks for these minutes. 
A few comments/corrections inline

On Thu, Mar 21, 2002, Karl Dubost wrote:
> KD: About a week in QA
> 	It seems very difficult to motivate people to participate to 
> this review.

Yes, that's too bad, I hope we can get the interest to raise once the
"project" starts.
> * Being a moderator/writer: When Karl Dubost be a reviewer, Olivier Théreaux

Proposed rewording (your sentence seems a bit strange to me):
"In order to ensure impartiality, OT will take over as a moderator when
KD is the writer".
> Checkpoint 5.3.
> KG: two kind of license  vendro submitted test materials, publisher 


> Checkpoint 5.4.
> MS/LR: Priority 2 because you have to explain why you
don't remember the end of this sentence, either. Lynne?

> Checkpoint 6.2.
> LR: We are all agree.

> Checkpoint 6.3.
> In the QA Process document, describe how the test materials will be 
> published and point to the corresponding web page. [Priority 2]
> Kyrill: remove the checkpoint.
> Discussion
> LR: It's strongly recommended to not publish in TR space.

Did we decide, in the end, to remove the checkpoint?


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