Re: name change

I prefer Operational Guidelines, but don't have a strong commitment to it.


At 03:46 PM 3/2/2002, you wrote:
>Hello QAWG --
>Thanks to all for a productive and successful meeting.
>I wanted to ask about one detail of yesterday's meeting.  There was a 
>rapid exchange in which several people confirmed that they agreed with 
>changing the name "Process & Operational Guidelines" to "Operations 
>Guidelines".  But I'm not sure that everyone was paying attention, and I 
>don't think we have considered potential downside(s).
>The only real downside that I see is this:  we have started to generate 
>publicity about "P&O", and have published "P&O" in /TR/.  Changing the 
>name now could create confusion amongst those who aren't paying close 
>What do you think?

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