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>At 13:46 -0700 2002-03-02, Lofton Henderson wrote:
>I don't know What's the policy to change a shortname.

The shortname is now qaframe-ops.  So if we change "Process & Operational 
Guidelines" to "Operations Guidelines" or "Operational Guidelines", then it 
actually matches the shortname better -- no need to change.

>But I think we really need a shorter name that the one we have. There's 
>also the fact we have a family of documents.
>Lofton, could you put the "title/topic" of the seven documents here.

I'm out of time for today, but I have a table with the 7 names, and I'll 
send it Monday, after a little light editing and fix-up.

Thanks for the reference following -- fun to read!  I agree with your last 
comment, the need for shorter and easier-to-remember names (e.g., maybe 
"Test Materials Guidelines" should just be "Test Guidelines"?)


>So it will be easier to define names. When people are coming with seven 
>names, I always think to Les Pléďades and this group of seven poets. The 
>movement has been created in 1556 by Pierre de Ronsard. He has chosen the 
>name related to the greek mythology : "Les Pléďades" are the seven names 
>of the girls of the greek god Atlas, who has been transmuted as stars.
>The name of the Poets are:
>Pierre de Ronsard
>Joachim Du Bellay
>Étienne Jodelle
>Jean-Antoine de Baďf
>Jacques Peletier du Mans
>Rémi Belleau
>Pontus de Tyard
>The name of the sisters are:
>But you have also 7 day names in a week, the 7 major sins, the 7 hills 
>around Rome, the 7 world wonders, the 7 samourais :)))
>So the name is important and if it's enough short, people will be more 
>inclined to use the name we have chosen and not a name they found by 
>themselves because the first was too complicated to say. :)
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