realign telcon schedule?

QA Working Group --

Looking at our telcon schedule for the next two months, I see some group 
conflicts and I know about some potential individual conflicts as well.  We 
have a special telcon 3/21 to finish Ops Issue#55.  Our next regular 
bi-weekly telcon is scheduled for 3/28, then 4/11, 4/25, 5/9.

May 9th falls in the middle of WWW2000, and there are some individual 
conflicts that I'm aware of in March.  Here is an idea.  If you finish 
Issue#55 tomorrow (3/21), then we could skip the 3/28 telcon and realign 
our regular two-week schedule starting tomorrow:  3/21, 4/4, 4/18, 5/2, etc.

Thoughts?  Does this present any difficulties for anyone, i.e., would you 
be forced to miss significantly more telcons on the realigned 
schedule?  Perhaps Lynne can discuss at end of tomorrow (3/21) telcon.  If 
you're not going to be present then, please be sure to email your 


Received on Wednesday, 20 March 2002 16:35:49 UTC