www-amaya@w3.org from April to June 2005 by thread

message filter Martin Channon (Thursday, 30 June)

BUG: NBSP character not displayed in text editors Thomas Jedenfelt (Thursday, 30 June)

table cell width calculation problems ve3ll@rac.ca (Monday, 27 June)

css float positionning Christophe Sermet Magdelain (Monday, 27 June)

Report of a (heavy) bug in Amaya 9.1.4 t.fries@t-online.de (Thursday, 23 June)

Split/Unsplit page Romain Deltour (Monday, 20 June)

A couple of glitches with recent builds on XP Steven Gilham (Monday, 20 June)

WWW-Authenticate bug Aaron J. Angel (Sunday, 19 June)

Copy/paste in Linux/wxWidgets Cay Horstmann (Sunday, 19 June)

page problems -- IS NOT HANGUP ve3ll@rac.ca (Sunday, 19 June)

element styling --- fixed menu ve3ll@rac.ca (Sunday, 19 June)

page causes Amaya to hang ve3ll@rac.ca (Sunday, 19 June)

Bug : Selection Romain Deltour (Thursday, 16 June)

source for ready-made lists of math formulas Martin Channon (Wednesday, 15 June)

Bug: Undo doesn't uncheck menu check boxes Romain Deltour (Wednesday, 15 June)

Bug: Windows task bar integration Romain Deltour (Monday, 13 June)

Amaya 8.7.4: bug creation link Bartolomé Sintes Marco (Tuesday, 7 June)

broken links to debs Joseph Reagle (Monday, 6 June)

Amaya 8.7.4 display bug ve3ll@rac.ca (Monday, 6 June)

Browser support and garbled display Shital Shah (Monday, 6 June)

BUG: 8.7.4 No parsing error for omitted LEGEND Thomas Jedenfelt (Monday, 6 June)

BUG: 8.7.4 Crashes when Zooming Thomas Jedenfelt (Saturday, 4 June)

Shift+End and Shift+Home do not select text in 8.7.4 Juan Lanus (Thursday, 2 June)

TEXTAREA and INPUT type=text size calculation and other Juan Lanus (Thursday, 2 June)

refresh bug Romain Deltour (Thursday, 2 June)

Amaya 8.7.4 and auto widths ve3ll@rac.ca (Wednesday, 1 June)

[Announce] Amaya 9.1.4 and Amaya 8.7.4 Irene Vatton (Tuesday, 31 May)

lots of bugs in Amaya Wolfgang Jeltsch (Friday, 27 May)

just a couple of test files befiore next version ve3ll@rac.ca (Thursday, 26 May)

Amaya 8.7.2 and comments Christian Mondrup (Wednesday, 25 May)

Bug Report Tony C (Wednesday, 25 May)

Error when making Amaya Debian package Nacho (Saturday, 21 May)

amaya.exe has generated errors... Chris Helson (Thursday, 19 May)

opening annotation window bug Marja Koivunen (Wednesday, 18 May)

Macromedia Flash Installation in Amaya Marek Straka (Tuesday, 17 May)

css style implementation limitations ve3ll@rac.ca (Sunday, 15 May)

css support is coming soon I HOPE ve3ll@rac.ca (Sunday, 15 May)

Bugs Shriramana Sharma (Friday, 13 May)

version mismatch in source code downloaded from w3.org Nacho (Thursday, 12 May)

Re: Fw: amaya 9.0 has distorted text in viewer window Stephane Gully (Thursday, 12 May)

Keyboard shortcuts in Amaya menus Shriramana Sharma (Tuesday, 10 May)

Font and styles not rendering properly in Amaya Shriramana Sharma (Tuesday, 10 May)

mathml in Amaya ve3ll@rac.ca (Monday, 9 May)

updated package for Debian Stable (3.0 woody) Nacho (Friday, 6 May)

displaying math in IE Martin Channon (Wednesday, 4 May)

SVG examples at crocmozilla.com ve3ll@rac.ca (Tuesday, 3 May)

Problem with Amaya 9.1, Feb 23, 2005 william.c.wilson@kodak.com (Tuesday, 3 May)

SVG examples ve3ll@rac.ca (Monday, 2 May)

Re: Screen Display of V9.1 for Windows Badly Broken - Unusable Stanimir Stamenkov (Monday, 2 May)

TABLE WITH PRE AS CONTENTS ve3ll@rac.ca (Monday, 2 May)

centering a horizontal rule ve3ll@rac.ca (Sunday, 1 May)

strange display of table with <pre> inside cells ve3ll@rac.ca (Sunday, 1 May)

Problèmes de fermeture schnauzer@lexpress.net (Friday, 29 April)

[www-amaya] <none> Heiko Schubert (Friday, 29 April)

Re: sometimes <pre> does not break lines in W2K: the revegne Juan Lanus (Tuesday, 26 April)

SVG rendered in pixels no matter the specified units Juan Lanus (Monday, 25 April)

BUG: unchecking Show Button Bar does not work Thomas Jedenfelt (Monday, 25 April)

configuring Amaya + wxWidgets for gtk+1.2 Non-Suv-Driver (Friday, 22 April)

Two formatting problems ve3ll@cogeco.ca (Tuesday, 19 April)

ubuntu problems ve3ll@cogeco.ca (Tuesday, 19 April)

Horizontal MathML Tree Wendell P (Wednesday, 13 April)

amaya bug? Joseph Reagle (Thursday, 14 April)

amaya-9.1 build fails with gcc 4 sean darcy (Thursday, 14 April)

Horizontal MathML Tree Wendell P (Tuesday, 12 April)

[BUG] incorrect handling of angle brackets Wolfgang Jeltsch (Monday, 11 April)

:before, :after and content Wolfgang Jeltsch (Friday, 8 April)

Re: position property Irene Vatton (Thursday, 7 April)

Interesting bug in Amaya-9.1 McCrackin, Dan (Thursday, 7 April)

OS X Version nib (Tuesday, 5 April)

Re: Improvements for faster writing style Dr Geoffrey Kantaris (Tuesday, 5 April)


Last message date: Thursday, 30 June 2005 17:07:23 UTC