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dialog for file-type selector John Russell (Thursday, 28 June)

character entity entries John Russell (Thursday, 28 June)

saving on exit John Russell (Wednesday, 27 June)

inserting nonbreak spaces and shys John Russell (Wednesday, 27 June)

saving changes some character entities incorrectly John Russell (Wednesday, 27 June)

Inserting non-breakable spaces. Christian Mondrup (Wednesday, 27 June)

MathML in IE Erwin Maulana (Tuesday, 26 June)

Re: Bug: Amaya does not preserve Jakarta Velocity template langua ge statements Vincent Quint (Saturday, 23 June)

Re: Bug: Amaya does not preserve Jakarta Velocity template language statements Vincent Quint (Friday, 22 June)

Bug: Amaya does not preserve Jakarta Velocity template language statements Mike Keating (Friday, 22 June)

feedback Mark Stosberg (Friday, 22 June)

accented characters John Russell (Thursday, 21 June)

Bug report: product over x not being parsed correctly Joe Gittings (Thursday, 21 June)

Bug report: subscript MML construct appears as superscript Joe Gittings (Wednesday, 20 June)

validated pages that cause parse errors John Russell (Tuesday, 19 June)

text wandering outside of box John Russell (Monday, 18 June)

syntax errors on page John Russell (Monday, 18 June)

BUG - linking with elements included Charles McCathieNevile (Friday, 15 June)

RESENT: BUG: Location of 'AmayaHome' directory under Windows NT i s not quite right Roesinger Eric (Thursday, 14 June)

BUG: Location of 'AmayaHome' directory under Windows NT is not qu ite right Roesinger Eric (Thursday, 14 June)

Bug? Moving caret with caps-lock on selects text Joe Gittings (Thursday, 14 June)

New version of Amaya Eric.Reiter@ic.lu (Thursday, 14 June)

Bug: undeletable section in a document Joe Gittings (Wednesday, 13 June)

AMAYA & Mozilla rgodwin@ccps.ga.net (Tuesday, 12 June)

forthcoming version John Russell (Tuesday, 12 June)

bug with semi-columns Coralie (Tuesday, 12 June)

Bug in Amaya Brant Langer Gurganus (Friday, 8 June)

Re: Bug report: File-Open dialog doesn't detect directory names containing spaces Irene Vatton (Friday, 8 June)

Re: mea culpa: Part 2, by a different writer :) Tony Patino (Wednesday, 6 June)

Bug report: File-Open dialog doesn't detect directory names containing spaces Joe Gittings (Wednesday, 6 June)

bug in XHTML Basic support: <form>, <input> and enctype Rainer Hillebrand (Friday, 1 June)

Amaya editor -- general question John Russell (Sunday, 3 June)

forms problems with amaya John Russell (Saturday, 2 June)

image files with width settings John Russell (Saturday, 2 June)

Bug report: deitalicizing a formula trashes it Joe Gittings (Friday, 1 June)

INPUT's in Amaya 4.3.2 David A. Cobb (Sunday, 27 May)

Soft hyphen Johs. Lind (Wednesday, 30 May)

hyperjump displays John Russell (Saturday, 26 May)

repositioning display after a hyperjump John Russell (Saturday, 26 May)

height of a pixel John Russell (Saturday, 26 May)

Entities Johs. Lind (Saturday, 26 May)

Problem encountered while using Amaya Ishmeet Hazooria (Wednesday, 23 May)

bug or feature? Jose Carlos Oliveira Santos (Friday, 25 May)

[www-amaya] <none> Prem Joy (Monday, 21 May)

Indian Amaya Development Group Prem Joy (Sunday, 20 May)

undetected inline style error John Russell (Saturday, 19 May)

[www-amaya] <none> William Loughborough (Saturday, 19 May)

Amaya crashes Frederic G. MARAND (Saturday, 19 May)

mathml entity sets John Russell (Thursday, 17 May)

the parse errors view eats linefeeds John Russell (Wednesday, 16 May)

mathml specification terminology John Russell (Wednesday, 16 May)

alt - <key> function John Russell (Monday, 14 May)

troubles building amaya for Linux-ppc Steve Pothier (Thursday, 10 May)

Amaya Fatal Error Message Alan Amos (Thursday, 10 May)

Amaya MML support: bugs and feedback Joe Gittings (Wednesday, 9 May)

amaya and plugins John Russell (Tuesday, 8 May)

various bugs, incl. crash rgmckenzie (Monday, 7 May)

crash, but primarily cursor rgmckenzie (Sunday, 6 May)

Amaya Bug - making a link Charles McCathieNevile (Sunday, 6 May)

initialization sequence John Russell (Sunday, 6 May)

location urls John Russell (Sunday, 6 May)

use of accesskey John Russell (Sunday, 6 May)

bug in amaya --- css style property/value John Russell (Sunday, 6 May)

accesskey method John Russell (Saturday, 5 May)

accesskeys Johannes Zellner (Friday, 4 May)

Displaying tables Christian Mondrup (Friday, 4 May)

Bug reading SVG Charles McCathieNevile (Monday, 30 April)

Amaya bugs with images John Russell (Thursday, 26 April)

archive: parsing error xhtml b element Filip (Wednesday, 25 April)

Parsing of "<pre><samp> black && white </samp></pre>" Vladimir G Ivanovic (Tuesday, 24 April)

A minor point: Turkish Nicholas Bodley (Tuesday, 24 April)

About building a dictionary LiomarJulio@aol.com (Wednesday, 25 April)

Amaya 4.2.1: Problems and Bugs Ralf M. Eberle (Thursday, 19 April)

Errors in Amaya Han Leushuis (Sunday, 15 April)

Where do I report an Amaya bug? Tom Goodman (Saturday, 14 April)

Why is Amaya not correcting missing end tag error? Ian Jacobs (Friday, 13 April)

Bug in Amaya 4.3.2 Benji la malice (Sunday, 15 April)

list items Paul Scott (Friday, 13 April)

Annotations problem - images Charles McCathieNevile (Wednesday, 11 April)

Colors in Amaya Bas de Meijer (Sunday, 11 March)

Amaya: "cannot save": why not? Dan Connolly (Monday, 9 April)

Help, please: Can't get 4.3.2 to Create anything on Windows 98 Alan Marr (Sunday, 8 April)

Rendering problem. Frederic G. MARAND (Sunday, 8 April)

Wrong file MathMLT.TRA in the last distribution 4.3.2 Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr (Friday, 6 April)

need help with applying style John Russell (Thursday, 5 April)

Bug report - SVG Charles McCathieNevile (Wednesday, 4 April)

Bug Report - windows, v 4.3.2 Katie Haritos-Shea (Tuesday, 3 April)

A Few Comments on Amaya Sean B. Palmer (Tuesday, 3 April)

Develloping under PHP4 and APACHE RĂ©mi BOULLE (Monday, 2 April)

bug: right arrow and multi-key Josef Dalcolmo (Monday, 2 April)

RE: testing forms -- select element Dave J Woolley (Monday, 2 April)

Display Border of Box ALLION Franck (Monday, 2 April)

Re: First impressions Irene VATTON (Monday, 2 April)

designing a form John Russell (Sunday, 1 April)

form testing --- textarea control John Russell (Sunday, 1 April)

testing forms -- textarea control John Russell (Sunday, 1 April)

small glitch with 'relative' sizes John Russell (Sunday, 1 April)

RE: centered lists do not center bullets Dave J Woolley (Friday, 30 March)

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