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Indian Amaya Development Group

From: Prem Joy <premjoy@bicsindia.net>
Date: Sun, 20 May 2001 13:28:53 +0530
Message-Id: <200105200758.NAA02616@bicsindia.net>
To: www-amaya@w3.org
About Me
Just a minute!  Before telling about me, you must accept my heart felt 
thanks for spending your valuable time to read this document. My Name 
is Joy from Indian subcontinent. I am a graduate in computer science.  
And I am really impressed by the new technology XML and willing to work 
hard and provide a solution for non-profit organizations. I also have 
group of my friends who are willing to contribute.  We just have 
described the problem in the following section.

Vision Statement
Building a solution for public sectors to publish documents and conduct 
exams without any hassles in using special symbols (for example, 
symbols in Mathematics) by utilizing the XML standards based languages 
like Query Markup Language (QML), and MathML (Math Markup Language).  

Solution Framework
The major entities are:
1. Equations Editor: Software used to key the equations. (Amaya)
2. Interpreter: Integrated with Editor. It converts the document to XML 
Standards based languages such as MathML and QML.
3. DB: Stores the questions in MathML & QML.
4. Web Browser: View the HTML document

Step 1
The questions are entered through the equation editor e.g. Amaya.  We 
must provide an interface in such a way the question is converted to 
MathML. It must be stored in database server as MathML & QML.  QMLs 
plays vital role in representing the question format. And the question 
is coded in MathML. The editor must be able generate MathML code and 
QML Code.  After that it must be sent to the database server. Can I use 
Amaya and the features what I specified above?

Step 2
The stored questions will be extracted from Database server and 
displayed in the web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator).

We have planned to used Amaya as the equations editor.  Since it 
generates MathML.  And I need clarification for the following:

1. Is there any development team working on the same area?
2. Where can I get the architecture of Amaya?
3. Can I join with Amaya experts and get help from them?
4. What is your opinion about this project?
5. How do I display the questions that are of QML and MathML format in 
the Web Browser?  Do I need any plugin to be developed or is there any 
existing plugin?
6. Kindly suggest web sites, which are relevant for this project.
7. How long will it take to finish? 

My Status:
I have the source code of Amaya windows version. And I am using 
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and its very familiar one for me.  Now I have 
compiled and got the executable file of Amaya. Now planning to 
understand the Amaya Architecture. 

If you find the problem is not clear, let us know.  So that, we can 
present it in different way.

E-Mail: premjoy@bicsindia.net

Expecting your favorable reply,


P.S. What do you want me to do next? How do you want me to proceed?
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