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W3C draft of ARIA User Agent Implementors Guide David Bolter (Tuesday, 23 December)

task modeling holds promise? for authoring Web Applications Al Gilman (Monday, 22 December)

Fwd: aria-transforms? James Craig (Saturday, 20 December)

aria-transforms? David Bolter (Saturday, 20 December)

[WebAIM] Screen reader survey Steven Faulkner (Thursday, 18 December)

W3C QA Validator program Michael Cooper (Wednesday, 17 December)

Next DHTML Styleguide Meeting January 6 at 12 noon eastern Evans, Donald (Tuesday, 16 December)

Feedback requested: application as a landmark role James Craig (Tuesday, 16 December)

thanks and tweaks Re: request for input on organizing (ARIA, HTML)-to-API work Al Gilman (Monday, 15 December)

ACTION-291: Drag and Drop BPG update Joseph Scheuhammer (Thursday, 11 December)

ARIA landmark roles Steven Faulkner (Tuesday, 9 December)

[DHTML Style Guide] Oliver Keim's comments on drag and drop proposal Joseph Scheuhammer (Tuesday, 9 December)

Yahoo! posts new video on ARIA development Aaron M Leventhal (Tuesday, 9 December)

HTML5 video accessibility Laura Carlson (Tuesday, 9 December)

Drag and drop and copy/paste Colin Clark (Monday, 8 December)

Re: Update Documentation for Landmark Feature in ARIA Specs James Craig (Monday, 8 December)

WAI-ARIA live regions and "politeness" levels Patrick H. Lauke (Monday, 8 December)

aria-flowto changes user-agent behavior, which isn't the intended purpose of ARIA James Craig (Monday, 8 December)

ARIA should require DOM mutation event support for compliance. James Craig (Monday, 8 December)

Should ARIA ranges have value formatting defined? Also, spinbutton should be removed. James Craig (Monday, 8 December)

ARIA: proposed changes to the class inheritance hierarchy for button, checkbox, radio, and menuitemradio. James Craig (Monday, 8 December)

ARIA: math role is intended for math images not real math, so it should just be role="img" James Craig (Monday, 8 December)

ARIA: Why is role="marquee" necessary? We already have role="log" James Craig (Monday, 8 December)

ARIA proposal: the combobox role should inherit from textbox and select. It currently only inherits from select. James Craig (Monday, 8 December)

abbr vs alt Jim Jewett (Sunday, 7 December)

WAI-ARIA language providing for strong and weak implicit semantics from host language. Al Gilman (Thursday, 4 December)

proposed change to dialog example in HTML5 section 4.6.26 Gregory J. Rosmaita (Wednesday, 3 December)

DHTML Style Guide Document Updated Evans, Donald (Wednesday, 3 December)

Device Specificity Is Lacking In Our Specs Janina Sajka (Wednesday, 3 December)

Tables, Grids Schnabel, Stefan (Wednesday, 3 December)

Re: ISSUE-78 (Limiting duplicate landmark roles): Limiting duplicate landmark roles (Was: Update Documentation for Landmark Feature in ARIA Specs) [ARIA 1.0] Al Gilman (Wednesday, 3 December)

Re: Action 291: Drag Drop BPG update Joseph Scheuhammer (Tuesday, 2 December)

[DTHML Style Guide] Re: R. Schwerdtfeger's Drag-and-Drop BPG update Joseph Scheuhammer (Monday, 1 December)

RE: Discussion Issues with Landmark ARIA Documentation Richard Schwerdtfeger (Monday, 1 December)

DHTML Style guide Meeting Tuesday Dec 2 at 12 noon Eastern. Evans, Donald (Monday, 1 December)

Fwd: Comparison of Smart Headers and HTML5 (ACTION-85) Laura Carlson (Monday, 1 December)

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