Tables, Grids

Aaron, Jon,

why not use the differences between table and datagrid definitions in

as basis for the classification scheme in

and to clarify "What is a GRID with respect to a TABLE"?

In this sense (as I understand it) a datagrid is for potentially
editable and potentially hierarchical cells with content (that can be
read-only, too, and yes, a cell may contain multiple values), and tables
are always read-only and for pure layouting (but may contain also
multiple entries per table cell).

Definition from working draft : The datagrid
<>  element
represents an interactive representation of tree, list, or tabular data.

if aria role grid is also = datagrid then we don't need aria role
treegrid. Is the author aware of the AT issue you mentioned, Aaron?

- Stefan

Received on Wednesday, 3 December 2008 16:13:10 UTC