Re: Fwd: aria-transforms?

what comes to mind here is play to pause, record to stop and I'm sure some 
others.  these change quite well in all the aps I use that have them.

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Hi David,
This sounds like an interesting idea, more so from the user interaction
prospective than from a technical one.
It is one thing to change roles dynamically, it is another to notify the
user that there will be a transformation of one control into another. If
AT had this information, a help message could be generated to the effect
"press ENTER to make this editable" or something like that.

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Sure, but the user I spoke with uses a screen reader. I want to know how
we can provide the semantic hints required for the AT to say "hey this
is something that needs to be activated to go into an edit mode"...


James Craig wrote:
> Meant to reply to the discussion list.
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>> In your example below, there isn't a reason for the role change. It
>> can just be a textbox whose style (and perhaps its aria-readonly
>> property) changes when it is focused or clicked, no? I don't think
>> there is a need for it to be a button prior to that event.
>> Do you have any examples where there may need to be a functional
>> change rather than just a stylistic one? If it's just appearance
>> changes you're after, I'd say leave that to CSS, perhaps even to the
>> new CSS transition proposal.
>> Example:
>> [role="textbox"] {
>>  border-color: #fff;
>>  border-color: rgba(0,0,0,0);
>>  transition: border-color 1s liner;
>>  /* currently needs -moz or -webkit prefix */ }
>> [role="textbox"][aria-readonly="false"] {
>>  border-color: #000;
>>  border-color: rgba(0,0,0,1);
>> }
>> On Dec 20, 2008, at 7:26 AM, David Bolter <>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> This might be an ARIA 2.0 thing.
>>> I'm just throwing this out there. Maybe it is my Saturday morning
>>> coffee talking but I got to thinking about DHTML inline edits, and I

>>> started thinking of ways we might come up with a more general
>>> solution for things that appear to transform themselves.
>>> aria-transforms=[aria role(s)]
>>> So in the case of an inline edit, one could mark the span like this:
>>> <span role="button" aria-transforms="textbox">change this
>>> text</span>
>>> Thoughts?  Is it the coffee?  I was also thinking about an
>>> aria-hastextbox, akin to a haspopup, but that is a less general
>>> solution IMO.
>>> cheers,
>>> David

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