Re: ARIA should require DOM mutation event support for compliance.

 > So the ARIA spec should require implementing user agents to support
 > DOM mutation events.

The spec you cite says:

   Authors SHOULD ensure that the object targeted by the
   activedescendant property is either a descendant of the container
   in the DOM, or is a logical descendant as indicated by the aria-owns
   property. The user agent is not expected to check that the
   activedescendant is an actual descendant of the container. Authors
   SHOULD ensure that the currently activedescendant is currently
   visible in the viewport (not scrolled off). Authors SHOULD capture
   changes to the activedescendant property, which can occur if the AT
   sets focus directly.

That doesn't necessarily require mutation events; it simply requires 
notifications when the UA or AT sets aria-activedescendant.  These 
notifications don't have to be synchronous, nor do they need to 
necessarily have the reentrancy and so forth behaviors that mutation 
events have.


Received on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 19:11:00 UTC