task modeling holds promise? for authoring Web Applications

Someone commented to me that "there are no IDEs for RIAs."

That's Integrated Development Environments for Rich Internet

The Open Ajax Accessibility discussion of authoring tools
addresses checking accessibility as a bolt-on to a web


Someone else commented that "many of the people re-tooling
to develop Web Applications are not Web Developers but
Application Developers."

I think that the second observation may reveal a blind spot in
the first.

Maybe the right sequence of specialization is that delivering
an Application over the WebTop is a back-end switch setting
in an IDE for developing interactive applications, not a root
choice of a Web-dedicated IDE.

At least in the context of developing interactive applications,
there are lots of Integrated Development Environments.

It is more than five years ago at WWW2003 that we were hearing from  
Research about the use of task modeling in the development
of interactive applications.  Task modeling fosters a clear
identification of "what it does (load new page)" for each step in the  
not only identified by "what does it (click on hyperlink)."


Nowadays there's even an emergent CEA standard dealing with task


There have been IDEs offering task modeling -based design for
at least that long.  Maybe the strategy for how to author accessible
applications on the Web should be to adopt a strong IDE and
bolt on AJAX with ARIA built in.  Not bolt accessibility onto
a Web-peculiar or AJAX-peculiar development environment?


Received on Monday, 22 December 2008 17:53:50 UTC