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Interop: sitecopy + WSD/0.5.9 Joe Orton (Thursday, 31 December)

RE: New CyberTeams WebDAV Mailing List Yaron Goland (Thursday, 31 December)

Don't copy live properties Jim Davis (Thursday, 31 December)

Access Control Breakout @ Orlando IETF Jim Whitehead (Thursday, 31 December)

Preliminary Orlando IETF minutes Jim Whitehead (Wednesday, 30 December)

CyberTeams WebDAV server updates Randall Severy (Wednesday, 30 December)

Multi-status and 207 Joe Orton (Tuesday, 29 December)

The WebDAV Book of Why Yaron Goland (Monday, 28 December)

Hierarchy in WebDAV Yaron Goland (Sunday, 27 December)

IAQ: Collections, Resourcetype and Hierarchy in WebDAV Yaron Goland (Sunday, 27 December)

We did good. Yaron Goland (Thursday, 24 December)

HTTP Design Issues, lessons from WebDAV's Property and Depth head er experiences Yaron Goland (Thursday, 24 December)

Ramifications of WebDAV's property design decisions Yaron Goland (Thursday, 24 December)

Re: [sitecopy] Re: Interop: sitecopy + WSD WebDAV server Dana Carson (Wednesday, 23 December)

A Short History of Copy and Move in WebDAV Yaron Goland (Wednesday, 23 December)

Image files Kojiro Wakabayashi (Tuesday, 22 December)

ANN: CyberTeams WebDAV server available for testing Randall Severy (Tuesday, 22 December)

FW: [Moderator Action] FYI: sitecopy interoperability testing Jim Whitehead (Friday, 18 December)

Advanced Collections Conference Calls Slein, Judith A (Friday, 18 December)

Optional Backpointers (for the last time) Slein, Judith A (Friday, 18 December)

Referential Integrity Slein, Judith A (Friday, 18 December)

Volunteer wanted: WebDAV article for IEEE Multimedia Jim Whitehead (Thursday, 17 December)

Brief Report WebDAV WG, IETF-43 Jim Whitehead (Thursday, 17 December)

Versioning, Collections and Sources Yaron Goland (Wednesday, 16 December)

Hiding the Target of a Reference Slein, Judith A (Wednesday, 16 December)

Properties of References Slein, Judith A (Wednesday, 16 December)

Properties and enforceability Bruce Cragun (Monday, 14 December)

Do states in a No-tag-list production apply to the parent? Jim Davis (Thursday, 10 December)

WebDAV approved by the IETF Greg Stein (Thursday, 10 December)

Breakout session locations Jim Whitehead (Tuesday, 8 December)

dav workshop at www8 Frederic Seraphine (Monday, 7 December)

Breakout on Access Control at Orlando IETF Jim Whitehead (Friday, 4 December)

RE: MKREF on existing resource Slein, Judith A (Friday, 4 December)

ACR: MKREF on existing resource Jim Davis (Friday, 4 December)

Comments on ACR draft of 10 Nov 1998 Jim Davis (Wednesday, 2 December)

Announcement of IETF HTTP-NG WG BOF in Orlando Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (Monday, 30 November)

Advanced Collections breakout Jim Whitehead (Monday, 30 November)

WEBDAV WG Agenda, Orlando IETF Jim Whitehead (Monday, 30 November)

possible race condition in COPY with overwrite Jim Davis (Sunday, 29 November)

FW: Protocol Action: HTTP Extensions for Distributed Authoring -- WEBDAV to Proposed Standard Jim Whitehead (Thursday, 26 November)

Protocol Action: HTTP Extensions for Distributed Authoring -- WEBDAV to Proposed Standard The IESG (Thursday, 26 November)

Preliminary Orlando IETF schedule info Jim Whitehead (Wednesday, 25 November)

Interoperability experience page Jim Whitehead (Wednesday, 25 November)

Re: a critique of webdav-protocol (part 2) Mark D. Anderson (Tuesday, 24 November)

Copy/Move as they relate to versioned resources Bruce Cragun (Tuesday, 24 November)

correction: PyDAV is on sandbox.xerox.com port 8080 Jim Davis (Friday, 20 November)

FW: C/C++ implementations of XML? Jim Whitehead (Friday, 20 November)

LOCK fragments of Web Resource Satwinder Mangat (Friday, 20 November)

Simple Question - Nested Collections Satwinder Mangat (Friday, 20 November)

PyDAV server up again Jim Davis (Thursday, 19 November)

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-webdav-protocol-10.txt Internet-Drafts@ietf.org (Wednesday, 18 November)

Interoperability of MSIE 5 with PyDAV Jim Davis (Wednesday, 18 November)

is DAV:getcontenttype read only? Jim Davis (Wednesday, 18 November)

unclarity about xml:lang position Jim Davis (Wednesday, 18 November)

interoperability testing of mod_dav Jim Davis (Wednesday, 18 November)

Does DASL need to support structured queries? Jim Davis (Tuesday, 17 November)

Execute rights Joe Orton (Tuesday, 17 November)

New (-10) revision of Distributed Authoring Protocol Jim Whitehead (Tuesday, 17 November)

mod_dav 0.9.2 (last announcement on this list) Greg Stein (Monday, 16 November)

quoting problems in draft 9.5 Greg Stein (Monday, 16 November)

ANN: PyDAV server available for test use Jim Davis (Monday, 16 November)

WebDAV at Orlando IETF Jim Whitehead (Friday, 13 November)

Re: Clarification of URI vs. Resource Slein, Judith A (Friday, 13 November)

FYI: Design Team meeting Dec. 2-3 Jim Whitehead (Wednesday, 11 November)

Version merging questions Bruno C. Muniz (Wednesday, 11 November)

About the Halloween Memo Didier PH Martin (Wednesday, 11 November)

About the Halloween Memo Jim Whitehead (Wednesday, 11 November)

Summary of Changes to WebDAV Advanced Collections Requirements an d Spec Slein, Judith A (Tuesday, 10 November)

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-webdav-collection-reqts-03.txt Internet-Drafts@ietf.org (Tuesday, 10 November)

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-webdav-collection-protocol-02.txt Internet-Drafts@ietf.org (Tuesday, 10 November)

ANN: mod_dav now available Greg Stein (Thursday, 5 November)

Interim protocol draft Jim Whitehead (Wednesday, 4 November)

Additional minor changes to -09 Jim Whitehead (Wednesday, 4 November)

Clarification of URI vs. resource Jim Whitehead (Wednesday, 4 November)

W3C RDF Schema Specification Version 1 enters Last Call (fwd) Dan Brickley (Wednesday, 4 November)

Versioning implications for Referencing Slein, Judith A (Monday, 2 November)

Property values David G. Durand (Sunday, 1 November)

a critique of webdav-protocol Mark D. Anderson (Saturday, 31 October)

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-webdav-versioning-00.txt Internet-Drafts@ietf.org (Thursday, 29 October)

internet draft: draft-ietf-webdav-versioning-00.txt Chris Kaler (Wednesday, 28 October)

property value clarification Greg Stein (Tuesday, 27 October)

List of changes from -08 to -09 Jim Whitehead (Tuesday, 27 October)

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-webdav-protocol-09.txt Internet-Drafts@ietf.org (Monday, 26 October)

RE: webdav feedback Jim Whitehead (Saturday, 24 October)

WG Last Call: Distributed Authoring Protocol Jim Whitehead (Friday, 23 October)

New (-09) revision of Distributed Authoring Protocol Jim Whitehead (Friday, 23 October)

FW: Update to versioning goals doc Jim Whitehead (Wednesday, 21 October)

Minutes: Advanced Collections Conference Call Oct. 6, 1998 Jim Whitehead (Wednesday, 21 October)

MIME mapping for DAV resources Marcus Jager (Tuesday, 20 October)

Mailing list for versioning Jim Whitehead (Tuesday, 20 October)

test - please ignore Kevin Riley (Friday, 16 October)

A WebDAV Bed Time Story Yaron Goland (Friday, 16 October)

Minutes from Oct. 1-2 Design Team meeting Jim Whitehead (Tuesday, 13 October)

FW: Internet-Draft CUTOFF Date is Nov. 18 Jim Whitehead (Monday, 12 October)

RE: DASL solicits your opinions on structured queries (e.g. for Dublin Core) Slein, Judith A (Monday, 12 October)

FW: webdav feedback Jim Whitehead (Monday, 12 October)

Next meeting: Orlando IETF Jim Whitehead (Monday, 12 October)

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-webdav-dublin-core-00.txt Internet-Drafts@ietf.org (Monday, 12 October)

BUG: 7.1.1 and responsedirection Greg Stein (Saturday, 10 October)

W3C RDF Model and Syntax Specification enters Last Call (fwd) Dan Brickley (Saturday, 10 October)

A problem with versioned collections John Stracke (Friday, 9 October)

FW: W3C RDF Model and Syntax Specification enters Last Call Jim Whitehead (Friday, 9 October)

WebDAV/Dublin Core Draft submitted John Stracke (Thursday, 8 October)

MS support of WebDAV (was: RE: WEBDAV servers) Bruce Cragun (Thursday, 8 October)

MS support of WebDAV (was: RE: WEBDAV servers) Jim Whitehead (Thursday, 8 October)

Strong/Weak References Marcus Jager (Thursday, 8 October)

DAV and "one URL per resource"? Larry Masinter (Thursday, 8 October)

Client Option for Strong References Slein, Judith A (Wednesday, 7 October)

Results of Advanced Collections Conference Call Slein, Judith A (Wednesday, 7 October)

WebDAV and namespaces Greg Stein (Tuesday, 6 October)

Backpointers Jim Amsden (Tuesday, 6 October)

Update to draft-ietf-webdav-dublin-core John Stracke (Tuesday, 6 October)

IEEE article on WebDAV Howard Modell (Tuesday, 6 October)

RDF for versioning John Stracke (Tuesday, 6 October)

Draft: using Dublin Core elements in WebDAV John Stracke (Tuesday, 6 October)

RE: Versioning goals doc Sankar Virdhagriswaran (Thursday, 1 October)

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