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RE: Version merging questions

From: Chris Kaler <ckaler@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 11:01:52 -0800
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To: "'Geoffrey M. Clemm'" <gclemm@tantalum.atria.com>
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I guess I think of it a little different.  There is an "un-modifiable" list
and a "modifiable" one.  The first is managed by the server and represents
what the server knows to be correct.  The second is managed by the user and
could be totally wrong.  

I think both of our points are valid and true and that we are essentially
saying the same thing.


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		   From: Chris Kaler <ckaler@microsoft.com>

		   What I believe we have specified to date is that there
are "conceptually"
		   two revision graphs.  There is a graph that the server
maintains and
		   asserts is correct and there is a graph that is specified
by the client
		   that may be incorrect.

		I disagree.  It is not an issue of correctness or
incorrectness, but
		rather an issue of modifiable and non-modifiable predecessor
		relations.  The reason to maintain a tree of non-modifiable
		predecessor relations is just a recognition of the fact that
		implementations of branching and delta storage make it very
		or even impossible to move a version from one branch to
		Logically, the predecessor in this tree is no more "correct"
		the modifiable predecessors created by the MERGE method.

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