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ANNOUNCEMENT: Sesame Windows Client 0.10 - OWL reasoning support Broekstra, Jeen (Thursday, 30 September)

Call for Papers - MUE 2011 (Crete, Greece, June 28-30, 2010) Robert C. Hsu (Thursday, 30 September)

[URGENT] Towards creating IEEE Transaction on IRI [TIRI]- Need help with SURVEY Chengcui Zhang (Tuesday, 28 September)

Challenge: Currently we call the semantic personal assistant "Cluug", invent a new name and win 500€ Leo Sauermann (Tuesday, 28 September)

Call For Papers - UCC 2010 (Dec. 14-16, 2010, Chennai, India) Robert C. Hsu (Tuesday, 28 September)

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Property Reification Vocabulary v0.1 Bob Ferris (Monday, 27 September)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Redland librdf Language Bindings Dave Beckett (Monday, 27 September)

UIC/ATC 2010 call for participation: early registration deadline 30 Sept. Sept 2010 (Xian,China) Robert C. Hsu (Monday, 27 September)

Invitation to KiWi Release Party (14/10/10) Sebastian Schaffert (Monday, 27 September)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Redland librdf RDF library 1.0.11 Dave Beckett (Saturday, 25 September)

2nd CFP Agent-Directed Simulation, April 4-9, 2011, Boston, USA Yu Zhang (Saturday, 25 September)

BlankNode in subject Nathan (Saturday, 25 September)

Inverse of rdf:type Nathan (Saturday, 25 September)

CFP - SemWeb.Pro 2011 - 1st french Semantic Web Conference Jan 17/18 2011 Nicolas Chauvat (Friday, 24 September)

Postdoc vacancies in OUCL Information Systems Group Ian Horrocks (Friday, 24 September)

Jewelery ontology Kirti Purohit (Thursday, 23 September)

The Journal on Computational Science! Robert C. Hsu (Friday, 24 September)

Time for quintuples? Bob Ferris (Thursday, 23 September)

Semantic Web Challenge @ ISWC2010 (Submission deadline reminder) Chris Bizer (Thursday, 23 September)

Any objections against using xsd:anySimpleType or rdfs:Literal as the rdfs:range for OWL datatype properties? Martin Hepp (Thursday, 23 September)

SPARQL Endpoint with Inference support Riccardo Tasso (Wednesday, 22 September)

PhD Position at KIT Barry Norton (Wednesday, 22 September)

RDF data handover and dereferenceable URIs Rahul Patil (Wednesday, 22 September)

CFP IUI2011 Workshop: Visual Interfaces to the Social and Semantic Web (VISSW 2011) VinhTuan Thai (Tuesday, 21 September)

Reuse Peter Williams (Tuesday, 21 September)

CFP: AOW 2010 - Deadline extended to 1 October Tommie Meyer (Tuesday, 21 September)

CFP: SWEL Special Track at FLAIRS-24 Dicheva, Darina (Tuesday, 21 September)

CFP: Sixth International Conference on Knowledge Capture (KCAP2011) Oscar Corcho (Monday, 20 September)

Enabling the knowledge powered enterprise in 2 mins 42 seconds Paul Warren (Monday, 20 September) has expired? Pierre-Antoine Champin (Monday, 20 September)

Semantic Universe bought by WebMediaBrands Juan Sequeda (Sunday, 19 September)

OWL 2? Nathan (Saturday, 18 September)

GoodRelations Annotator Shepherd, Michael (Wednesday, 15 September)

eHR-KM 2011: First International Workshop on Knowledge Management and e-Human Resources Practices for Innovation Fulvio Frati (Wednesday, 15 September)

Data geek wanted - Scientific developper position in Montpellier, France François Scharffe (Tuesday, 14 September)

PhD Position in Semantic Web/Semantic Multimedia Retrieval Project at HPI Potsdam (Germany) Harald Sack (Tuesday, 14 September)

Ann: Sesame Windows Client 0.9 - out-of-the-box triplestore and SPARQL query library Broekstra, Jeen (Tuesday, 14 September)

Quality of the Semantic-Web-related Wikipedia articles Antoine Zimmermann (Monday, 13 September)

Call for Participation: MIFI 2010 Achim Rettinger (Monday, 13 September)

Local Organizers sought for ISWC 2012 Enrico Motta (Monday, 13 September)

Cfp SWAT4LS: Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Life Sciences 2010 Andrea Splendiani (Monday, 13 September)

SPDX Peter Williams (Thursday, 9 September)

SIOC survey Uldis Bojars (Thursday, 9 September)

Phd Position in Semantic Search, Linked Data and Adaptive Web for ImREAL (FP7) at TU Delft Laura Hollink (Wednesday, 8 September)

Postdoc Position in Semantic Search, Linked Data and Adaptive Web for ImREAL (FP7) at TU Delft Laura Hollink (Wednesday, 8 September)

Lists in OWL Jeszenszky Péter (Monday, 6 September)

WordNet RDF Toby Inkster (Wednesday, 8 September)

2 Postdoc/Assistant Professor positions in NLP at Sapienza University of Rome Roberto Navigli (Wednesday, 8 September)

Call for Use Cases: Library Linked Data Antoine Isaac (Tuesday, 7 September)

URSW'10: extension to Call for Papers Ken Laskey (Tuesday, 7 September)

Final CfP AIJ Special Issue on AI, Wikipedia and Semi-Structured Resources Roberto Navigli (Monday, 6 September)

recyclable for RDFa basic templates/authoring UI..? Danny Ayers (Monday, 6 September)

The Questionnaire on RDF is open for one more week... Ivan Herman (Monday, 6 September)

EKAW 2010: Call for Participation Philipp Cimiano (Monday, 6 September)

CFP: AOW 2010 @ AI 2010 Tommie Meyer (Sunday, 5 September)

Submitting to Consuming Linked Data Workshop Juan Sequeda (Friday, 3 September)

First order logic and SPARQL Jitao Yang (Friday, 3 September)

SAMT 2010 - Call for Posters/Demos Susanne Thierfelder (Friday, 3 September)

Invitation to attend the 3rd Future Internet Symposium (20-22 September, 2010, Berlin, Germany) Lejla Ibralic Halilovic (Friday, 3 September)

Linked Data Triplification Challenge 2010 -- Winners Bernhard Schandl (Friday, 3 September)

OWL Cristiano Longo (Friday, 3 September)

jsonGRDDL spec revision Toby Inkster (Friday, 3 September)

Sesame 2 Windows Client 0.8 released Broekstra, Jeen (Friday, 3 September)

Next version of the LOD cloud diagram. Please provide input, so that your dataset is included. Chris Bizer (Friday, 3 September)

Call for papers: HotSWUp III Michael Hicks (Friday, 3 September)

Postdoc position in semantic video project at CWI Jacco van Ossenbruggen (Thursday, 2 September)

Interactive semantic video search PhD vacancy @ CWI Jacco van Ossenbruggen (Thursday, 2 September)

Final URSW'10: Call for Papers Ken Laskey (Wednesday, 1 September)

Re: ANN: The Vehicle Sales Ontology - Cars, Bikes, Boats on the Web of Data - Martin Hepp (Wednesday, 1 September)

Re: ANN: The Vehicle Sales Ontology - Cars, Bikes, Boats on the Web of Data - Martin Hepp (Wednesday, 1 September)

From proposals to funded projects! The 1st Successful Proposal Symposium, Palma de Mallorca, Oct 7-8 2010 Lejla Ibralic Halilovic (Wednesday, 1 September)

UMarks - a universal bookmark system. UMarks (Wednesday, 1 September)


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