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Re: OWL DL, OWL Lite OWL Full comparison papers Danny Ayers (Wednesday, 27 December)

Modelling Information Resources etc. Danny Ayers (Wednesday, 27 December)

[OFF] Nuestros mejores deseos en el nuevo año. Fundación Sidar - Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo (Wednesday, 27 December)

Ordering, Sorting, Categorizing many words CHaus (Monday, 25 December)

"here" and "now" as constants Richard H. McCullough (Saturday, 23 December)

[Fwd: Call for Review: HTTP Vocabulary in RDF Working Draft] Shadi Abou-Zahra (Thursday, 21 December)

Deadline Extension: Call for tutorials ESWC 2007 Stijn Heymans (Thursday, 21 December)

Unsafe Rules and existential variables (Wednesday, 20 December)

foaf's scope and extending it Edward Bryant (Tuesday, 19 December)

PRELIMINARY CALL FOR PAPERS: OWLED 2007 Christine Golbreich (Tuesday, 19 December)

a need for validating an owl across software Aliza Lila (Monday, 18 December)

Preconditions in OWL-S Process in SWRL osmoz7 (Monday, 18 December)

Call for Papers and Demos: CKC Workshop - WWW2007 Harith Alani (Tuesday, 19 December)

Fwd: OpenLink SIOC Enhancement Suggestions (3) Uldis Bojars (Monday, 18 December)

Re: System for semantic annotation and retrieving of audio Danny Ayers (Monday, 18 December)

[doap-interest] [ANN] doap:store, a collaborative DOAP projects directory Uldis Bojars (Monday, 18 December)

Can there be a URI for the concepts "I", "you", "this", "it", "here", "there", "now", etc.? John Black (Monday, 18 December)

European MSc in Computational Logic - scholarships available Enrico Franconi (Sunday, 17 December)

Localization of RDF property names? Seeking advice. Peter Krantz (Sunday, 17 December)

Ontology and ws-policy farida eldjama (Thursday, 14 December)

Call for tutorials: European Semantic Web Conference 2007 (ESWC 2007) Stijn Heymans (Friday, 15 December)

New submission date - PERSUASIVE 07 @ Stanford University BJ Fogg (Tuesday, 12 December)

cfp: AAAI 2007 track on AI and the Web Tim Finin (Tuesday, 12 December)

Call for papers John E. Edward (Saturday, 9 December)

Call for Papers :: IEEE IRI 2007 James Joshi (Saturday, 9 December)

Numerical Ranges/Sets in RDF? Freek Dijkstra (Friday, 8 December)

SWAP 2006 - Tutorials, accepted papers and a "special" Cf Participation Giovanni Tummarello (Thursday, 7 December)

real world use cases for temporal reasoning on the Semantic Web Chuming Chen (Wednesday, 6 December)

Re: Jazoon 07 - Java One Henry Story (Wednesday, 6 December)

CFP: Journal of Applied Ontology - Special Issue on "Ontological Foundations for Conceptual Modeling" Guizzardi, G. (Giancarlo) (Wednesday, 6 December)

Call for Use Cases: Simple Knowledge Organization Systems (SKOS) Antoine Isaac (Wednesday, 6 December)

LAST CFP: European Semantic Web Conference - ESWC 2007 Stijn Heymans (Wednesday, 6 December)

odd hadling of v:n in hcard2rdf.xsl (vCard/RDF) Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 5 December)

Unsafe Rules and existential variables Matt Williams (Tuesday, 5 December)

Auto-generated owl:SameAs links between the RDF Book Mashup and the DBLP database Chris Bizer (Tuesday, 5 December)

Reinventing the wheel ( ...again ); this time with RDF In/Out Services Aldo Bucchi (Tuesday, 5 December)

CFP: 1st International Workshop on Semantic Web Architectures for Enterprises - SWAE07 Francesco Guerra (Monday, 4 December)

CfC: Semantic Web Methodologies for E-Business Applications Roberto García (Monday, 4 December)

[ANN] SemMF - a Semantic Matching Framework Radoslaw Oldakowski (Monday, 4 December)

Soliciting input for "Basic Principles for Managing an RDF vocabulary" Thomas Baker (Monday, 4 December)

Soliciting input for "Best Practice Recipes for Publishing RDF Vocabularies" Guus Schreiber (Monday, 4 December)

Semantic technologies talk in Santa Fe, NM, Dec 7th Mary Montoya (Friday, 1 December)

CfP: YR-SOC 2007 (New Dates) Gorton, S.M. (Friday, 1 December)

Re: ANN: RDF Book Mashup - Integrating Web 2.0 data sources like Amazon and Google into the Semantic Web Karl Dubost (Friday, 1 December)

interesting bits of online information 2006 Alistair Miles (Friday, 1 December)

Re: [ANNOUNCE] IBM Semantic Layered Research Platform Release Steve Cassidy (Friday, 1 December)

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