Re: Semantic Web Statement Contexts

> And anyway it should be 410 for dead presidents, not 404. Please be 
> precise in your jokes.

Any sufficiently precise humor is indistinguishable from a serious 
suggestion.  (Worth bearing in mind the next time people laugh at one of 
your serious suggestions.)  Getting serious about dead presidents, 
Kripke's "Naming and Necessity" takes the point of view, in opposition 
to 18th century philosopher David Hume's theory that entities are 
nothing more than bundles of properties, that "George Washington" is a 
rigid designator that transcends such properties as whether he dyed his 
hair red in 1756, or has since died.  The only property that matters is 
his identity.  For that president, who happens to be dead but we won't 
hold that against him, 200 or 301 might be more appropriate than 410, 
forwarding say to

Vaughan Pratt

Received on Friday, 29 December 2006 06:01:47 UTC