Semantic Web Statement Contexts (was: Can there be a URI for the concepts "I", "you",...)

Sandro Hawke wrote:
>> <> indexicals:isBeingReadBy _:you .
>> <> indexicals:isBeingReadAtLocation _:here .
>> (then you go on to make assertions about _:you and _:here.)
>> where <> is the URI for the document itself, and _:you and _:here are
>> bnodes.  Like this, an application isn't going to make the mistake that
>> the same person is the "I" of every document.  Here it says "someone is
>> reading the document", and just when the applications understands
>> indexicals:isBeingReadBy it can say "Oh, and _:you is actually me!".
>> (I'm not positive that that actually solves every problem, but it seems
>> to be a step in the right direction.)
> I think this is about the best you can do with RDF, and it mostly works,
> as long as you're careful to make sure the same document is never read
> twice.
> That is, if you published that first triple on the web, it would become
> logically false as soon as two different agents read it.
> But as long as you only TRANSMIT it as as a message, leaving the URI
> unstated and forcing the receiver to assign a URI using some kind of
> unique-symbol generation mechanism, and somehow make sure they never
> republish it, then it's probably logically okay.
> This probably isn't the best way to design any real system, though.

Why not? This sounds to me like the context of Instant Messaging IM, or text
messaging on a cell phone. I can imagine use cases where two cell phones are
set up to exchange data, one phone to another phone.

I've added a new StatementContext individual to my ontology: "IMtoSandro".
This is a very narrow and specific context.

    @prefix contexts < > .
    @prefix ex < > .

          a       contexts:StatementContext ;
          contexts:heardByHearer  contexts:SandroHawke ;
          contexts:messageRepeatability  "1"^^xsd:int ;
          contexts:utteredBySpeaker   contexts:JohnBlack .

But within this context I can efficiently state, say in acknowledgement
of your previous data sent:

    contexts:IMtoSandro {
        _:I     ex:comprehend    _:you .

In this context,
it is understood that the message cannot meaningfully be repeated more than
once. But other contexts could be defined that are closer to that of web 


>     - Sandro

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