Preconditions in OWL-S Process in SWRL


I'm quite new at using OWL-S and SWRL to express preconditions for
AtomicProcesses. I haven't found a page where they explain how to confront a
part of an input to a class of the ontology. 
For instance let's say that I have this input in my AtomicProcess
process:hasInput rdf:resource="#PatientRecordInput"

The input PatientRecordInput is of the type PatientRecord which is defined
in my ontology as having an ObjectProperty hasInfo which in turn has a
DataValueProperty hasProcessName a string. I just want to express in SWRL
that this string should be a subclass of another class X. So how can one
express this in SWRL? I don't know if it is the right way I'm doing it. May
be it's better just to extract this information before sending the data in
that case it will only be an input with a string value. But, how can I
express this notion of subclassof in the preconditions? 

Another question is that, how are these preconditions tested? I mean should
I use a rule-engine like Jess to test the preconditions and then see what
are the result and then do one action or another depending on the result? 
I know that I am not fully aware of how all these things work that's why I
would be very grateful if somebody can help me.

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