The vCard questions


I have a few questions about the vCard ontology.  

First, where is the RDF/N3 file about the vCard ontology?  It says the
namespace is, but there is only HTML
document.  I can not get a hold of the RDF file from that namespace.

Second, I am not sure what should be a vCard.  Should a person be an
instance of a Vcard or a person has an instance of vCard?  The description
seems vaguely suggests the former.  But then it also seems that a business
should also be an instance of a vCard. From the description of v:logo
Property, it says:

"v:logo - A logo associated with a person or their organization.".

If that is the case, i.e., v:Organization should be a subClass of a v:Card.
Then, wouldn't it be strange if a v:Organization can have an
organization_name, a birthday -v:bday, as well as a v:n?


Received on Tuesday, 19 December 2006 20:33:27 UTC