Semantic technologies talk in Santa Fe, NM, Dec 7th

Dr. Susie Stephens, a principal product manager in Oracle's Life 
Sciences division,
will be in Santa Fe on Dec. 7th speaking from 1-4pm and supporting our 
All are welcome to attend.  You do not need to be a current NMOUG member.

Below is an abstract of her presentation:

Integrating Enterprise Data with Semantic Technologies

The Semantic Web has reached a level of maturity that allows RDF and
OWL to be adopted by large commercial software companies. Many of the
products that are based on these standards promise the ability to provide
more effective solutions to the increasing IT complexity that many
industries are facing. This presentation will provide an overview of the
Semantic Web, describe Oracle.s interest in being an early adopter of the
Semantic Web, as well as providing a technical overview of the RDF Data
Model in the latest release of the Oracle Database. Experiences gained
from implementing Semantic Web technologies will also be provided.

More information about the meeting including the time, location, and a
map can be found at:

Kathy Myers, president of NMOUG, is coordinating the talk and would 
an email response in order to assess headcount for the talk.

Mary Montoya
NCGR/VPIN project team

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