Soliciting input for "Basic Principles for Managing an RDF vocabulary"

Among the chartered deliverables of the W3C Semantic Web
Deployment Working Group [1, 2, 3] is a best-practice
document tentatively called "Basic Principles for Managing
an RDF Vocabulary".  Starting point for this work will be
an early draft [4] produced by the former Semantic Web Best
Practice and Deployment Working Group.

The abstract of the draft says:

This document articulates some basic principles of good
practice for managing an RDF vocabulary.   Following these
principles makes an RDF vocabulary "usable": new users
learn quickly how to use the vocabulary, and a relationship
of trust is built between the user community and the
vocabulary developers/maintainers.  This promotes growth
of a user community, which generates more feedback for the
developers/maintainers, leading to further improvements in
quality and usability.

Principles may include: Identify your terms with URIs. Provide
readable documentation. Articulate your maintenance
policies. Identify versions. Publish a formal schema.  (The
related SWD deliverable "Best Practice Recipes for Publishing
RDF Vocabularies" [5] provides guidance on the latter.)

We would welcome input from the community on this, both through
comments on the first draft [6] and through participation in the
SWD Working Group.

Please feel free to contact the chairs for more information.

Tom Baker
also on behalf of Guus Schreiber
co-chairs of the Semantic Web Deployment Working Group

[1] SWD home page:
[2] SWD charter:
[3] SWD deliverables:
[4] Vocabulary principles:
[5] Vocabulary recipes:
[6] SWD mailing list:

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Received on Monday, 4 December 2006 18:01:43 UTC