Re: Can there be a URI for the concepts "I", "you", "this", "it", "here", "there", "now", etc.?

> <> indexicals:isBeingReadBy _:you .
> <> indexicals:isBeingReadAtLocation _:here .
> (then you go on to make assertions about _:you and _:here.)
> where <> is the URI for the document itself, and _:you and _:here are
> bnodes.  Like this, an application isn't going to make the mistake that
> the same person is the "I" of every document.  Here it says "someone is
> reading the document", and just when the applications understands
> indexicals:isBeingReadBy it can say "Oh, and _:you is actually me!".
> (I'm not positive that that actually solves every problem, but it seems
> to be a step in the right direction.)

I think this is about the best you can do with RDF, and it mostly works,
as long as you're careful to make sure the same document is never read

That is, if you published that first triple on the web, it would become
logically false as soon as two different agents read it.

But as long as you only TRANSMIT it as as a message, leaving the URI
unstated and forcing the receiver to assign a URI using some kind of
unique-symbol generation mechanism, and somehow make sure they never
republish it, then it's probably logically okay.

This probably isn't the best way to design any real system, though.

     - Sandro

Received on Monday, 18 December 2006 20:54:13 UTC